Daily Word (7/24/2013)

   2 Kings 6:16

King James Version (KJV)
And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.
Elisha telling his servant to not fear the Syrian troops before them (the King of Syria had sent them to kill Elisha for he kept informing the King of Israel of their plans to attack – the hand of Elohim), the manifestation of Elohim would save them… now surrounded by the Syrian forces, Elisha’s servant tells Elisha they are doomed, the prophet Elisha then communicates with YH to please let his servant open his eyes that he may see, and so it was that the servant now saw, there around them, the mountain was full of Elohim’s chariots of fire, and his servant believed.
That day, Elisha walked up to the Syrian forces, one man of Elohim against an army, and they did not recognize him, instead they believed Elisha’s words to follow him that he may show them where the man they looked for could be found (he was that man). Elisha delivered these men, who proved enemies of Israel, directly into the hands of the King of Israel…. The same Israel that had continuously proved a disobedient child…. the Elohim Israel would turn from again and again, the Elohim who would continue proving Grace in the face of disobedience, which lead his child to self injury and near destruction, a loving Father that with outstretched hand kept and keeps extending a Word of salvation: The same Father that warns a day will come when that hand will close.
HalleluYH…. in YHshua, Amein.

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