cropped-jewish-messiah-site.jpg     Welcome to thehebrewmessiah.com dear friends,

Here you will find pertinent topics that deal with our original Judeo-Christian roots, centered on the culturally relative Messiah. A historic approach to seeking what YHWH’s intended purpose is, in humble contemplation to the original Hebrew and Aramaic writings (seeking the untouched Word of YHWH).

Topics: The original scriptures, pre-church Judeo-Christian teachings, supersessionism, cultural anthropology and science in the Word, these in contrast to the historic YHshua; a culturally relative approach to learning of our Judeo-Christian roots: To learn how to navigate through man’s add-ons and take-aways with one goal, to honor our Heavenly Father’s original Word.

A serious (Studies and more) and /or lite  approach (Movie Critiques for families) intended to set-aside all but that which counts, the intended message of our Elohim YHWH.

May we always bless YHWH in all our works, in YHshua, Amein.

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