Word Time


Isaiah 2:2

New King James Version (NKJV)

Now it shall come to pass in the latter days That “the mountain” (ha qeren: the projecting, the power, etc..) of “the Lord’s”  (YHWH: the Name, Word and Works, of Elohim’s) house Shall be established on the top of “the mountains” (ha qeren: the (other) projecting, the power, etc..) And shall be exalted above “the hills” (Yruwshalaim: two hills in Jerusalem); And all nations shall flow to it.”

In short, the Word and Works of the true Elohim will be projected above all other Word and Works. HalleluYH!!!!

That even a partial reverting to Isaiah’s Hebrew message adds dimension to the words “mountain” and “Hills”, and so true of other words; a more complete expression. When referring to a lexicon for deeper understanding of the prophets, make sure to get refamiliarized with the prophet’s mindset, understanding the given scripture in full context is a must in order to choose a proper definition, taking into account their culture adds to the process as well; that said we must be careful, Hebrew words can have dozens of wide ranging definitions, you must know the story before venturing a solution; remember, YHWH Elohim’s thoughts must come first. That said, seeking has true benefits 🙂

Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon:

Mountain(s): 7161 qeren keh’-ren from 7160; a horn (as projecting); by implication, a flask, cornet; by resembl. an elephant’s tooth (i.e. ivory), a corner (of the altar), a peak (of a mountain), a ray (of light); figuratively, power:–X hill, horn.

Hills: 3389 Yruwshalaim yer-oo-shaw-lah’-im rarely Yruwshalayim {yer-oo- shaw-lah’-yim}; a dual (in allusion to its two main hills (the true pointing, at least of the former reading, seems to be that of 3390)); probably from (the passive participle of) 3384 and 7999; founded peaceful; Jerushalaim or Jerushalem, the capital city of Palestine:–Jerusalem.

CreationLaura Sotka 2008
CreationLaura Sotka 2008

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