Cult of Mithras (the ‘SUN-dei’…ty?)

Bab coming out of

The statement? Roman soldiers celebrate a Roman deity (Mithras) and pagan sun-worship (Sol-Invictus)!

Question; emperor Constantine (318 AD) was the supreme officer of Roman troops, ‘is it possible that he was a sun worshiper?’

These things we know for sure:

  1. Constantine is not reported to have been born again until his death bed
  2. Constantine lead an army that worshiped Mithras and Sol Invictus (Sun worship), and
  3. Constantine switched the Sabbath day (a Hebrew constant from Adam forward) to the SUN-day (day of the Sun) – and Christmas, Easter and other pagan feasts are first seen in an early Christian world.

The evidence also shows that emperor Constantine united the early Christian church, which centuries later lead to a protestant movement and eventually to more than 38 thousand denominations; these from a humble movement called the way, a Hebrew Messiah’s ministry.

Today, nearly all celebrate Christmas (Associated with Saturnalian feasts stemming through December 25); Easter (from a fertility deity /Astoreth) and SUNday, none of which correlate with Israelite /Jewish culture.

And once again, man’s hand caught redefining the Hebrew Messiah’s faith and ministry.


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