YH and Science

In this video scholarly research goes to the origins of the Way.

The narrative? A rift between a BCE Sanhedrin and a breakaway group called the Essenes – and yet a couple of centuries later? a repeat with John, our Messiah, and yes, his followers too!

A defense of the Commandments, a shunning of unbiblical matter, a truth that says then what it says now, ‘your image of G-d is an offense to the true ‘Elohiym of Israel!

And today, what the Essenes faced off against, a Sanhedrin they called, ‘the Commandment Breakers’, a move to the Greek L-rd (Baal or Master) of Ancient Eurasia; the image of the man G-d!

To be sure?

‘You shall have no other ‘Elohiym’, You shall not make an image of ‘Elohiym, and you shall not take the name of Israel’s ‘Elohiym in vain’ – paraphrasing YHWH.

“Seek that you may find” (paraphrasing YH’shua) – YHWH’s truth – not man’s. ‘May YHWH’s ‘Will’ (Word and Works) be done ‘on earth’ (in us) as it is in Heaven, Amein.’



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