Are there Biblical Birthdays?

Generally accepted to have started in ancient Egypt, arguably China too, the custom of birthday celebrations has lived into modernity! Here are the facts:

The Bible takes mention of two birthday celebrations (In Tanahk and Britchadasha); not to be confused with an acknowledgment of birth.

1. Pharoah’s birthday – in the time of Joseph 

2. Harod’s birthday – ending with John’s beheading (our Messiah’s cousin!)

Some have also argued that a birthday celebration occurs on Messiah’s birth, but I will let you be the judge.

So who to follow, man who proposes to celebrate a new life one day out of 365 days? or YHWH who teaches to celebrate a new life every day – in YH’shua’s teachings! – to commit DAILY to, ‘the greatest commandments‘, see the trend?

So what shall it be, Man’s take or Messiah’s? Let me suggest this, if not approved in the Bible don’t do it; we follow YH’shua’s examples, the Bible’s message.

Amein? Amein!


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