A Prelude to Passover: The Implements.

In this post I will be including implements used in the Passover Seder, above, to help you visualize what Jewish and Hebrew Messiah believers will see in the Passover Seder, this Friday evening.

A night when a heavenly ‘angel’ [malak: messenger, ambassador] passes over (the Passover) Israel with instructions to certain salvation, that the voyage began. The story of a humbled people who would follow, a voyage from the ‘world’ (chedel: state of the dead), Egypt, to the state of the living, a second birth: A calling to life from death, so YH’shua would agree.

Does anyone see ‘born again’ in this equation? This was YH’shua’s goal, and as Moses, a calling from death to life. As Paul said, ‘first to the Jew and then to the Gentile’. My prayer? May it be so, in ‘YH’shua’ (YH’saves).

Observed for more than three millennia, the Passover Seder is the story of us coming out of the world. This night, the Hebrew Messiah, ‘Jesus’ (YH’shua: YH’Saves), making the same argument for salvation that Moses did, that of obedience to the Word and Works of Adam to YH’shua’s ‘Elohiym; a voyage called the way, the truth, the life; a voyage to salvation itself. His calling that night that we should remember the Passover, his ministry, and again, as Moses, a calling to obedience to fulfill the prophets – a voyage to salvation, indeed, that in obedience to the highest wisdom in the universe, this Messiah would obey his role as the sacrificial lamb: For those who understand and follow YH’shua’s purpose, his life-example, a cancelling of Adam’s sin.

And so the Passover continues, that our Hebrew Messiah celebrated, that our Hebrew Messiah instructed us to remember. A most special time for the Jew and for followers of the Hebrew Messiah – he who came to fulfill the very prophets, the Passover lamb. As you consider the emblements of this Passover Seder – remember the ministry, remember the sacrifice, remember, it was all done with you in mind.

May your Passover be filled with ‘shalom’ (peace, health, prosperity, and more), now and forever, in ‘YH’shua’ (YH’saves)!

Shalom all.

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