10441014_10152118158808639_8453740580470758778_n   A Hebrew YHshua YhShua entering Yerushalim Dead sea scrolls

Shalom friends,

Trying to better understand our Messiah’s original message is closer today than ever before. Many don’t know this but YH’shua is predominantly spoke Galilean Aramaic; anyone for free lessons from a highly respected source?

“Steve Caruso (MLIS), has been translating Aramaic professionally for nearly 15 years, with a special focus upon Galilean (the language spoken by Jesus (YHshua) and related dialects.”

A culturally relative approach to living the Hebrew Messiah.

Always in YHshua (YH’s salvation)!!!!!


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  1. UNIT 2

    Lesson 1 “Saying Hello”

    Lesson 2 “Going Over It In English”

    Lesson 3 “And More To Come” can be found at this page. You might want to bookmark it 🙂

    Other teachers and classes are likely to come soon, check back again please 🙂

    Shalom Friends, always in YHshua (YH’s salvation) 🙂

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