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  1. First Temple Period Inscription May Preserve Biblical Name

    A ceramic bowl with an inscription that alludes to a Biblical figure recently found uncovered among thousands of First Temple period pottery shards, clay lamps and figurines near Jerusalem; please follow the below link for more 🙂




  2. A Jewish scholar speaks of the Hebrew Messiah? An interesting perspective, and I believe, that adds to the Historic truth of the Hebrew Messiah.

    And though our brother here agrees YH’shua existed, it saddens me to know that he doesn’t accept Him as Messiah. I pray one day His views will opt for the reality that YH’shua is his Messiah too. That said, please pray for this brother – who, regardless of persecution from among his own ranks, continues defending the truth that the Britchadasha (New Testament) is an Elohim inspired document.

    May YHWH’s blessing follow His continued evolution, as so too us all, in YH’s salvation (YHshua), Amein.

  3. A brother that offers a strong basic understanding of Daniel’s prophecy as it relates to today.

    Another brother who uses History and Visual effects to walk us through Daniel’s prophecy of things to come. Truly for those that hunger for clarity in a sea of haze.

  4. Understanding the historical Jesus starts with accepting he was a Jew. Here a historian and theologian questions our western acceptance of the personage of Jesus versus YH’shua, the Hebrew Messiah: The question? “Does this change our faith???

  5. In this video we learn of another abomination, a simple yet mysterious truth, how Mystery Babylon works to oppose Elohim’s 10 commandments, the goal? to distance us from YH’s salvation: May YH’s Will be done!!!!!

  6. Shalom in YHshua 🙂 Here is a four part commentary on extra Biblical evidence of YH’shua’s life and walk. Imagine that, non-Christian historians writing of YH’shua!

    Dedicated to the non-believing secularist mindset, but also a tool for the believer. 🙂

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

  7. That we not forget that in turning from YHWH’s truth Israel suffered immensely. The question? “Is America on the same path too?” Here Doctor Ben Carson reminds us why we must be about following YHWH’s wisdom. May YHWH’s blessings continue to grace him and his family….!!!!!

  8. A Christian brother that brings to light fascinating connections between Daniel 11 and the world today; end time connections!!!!! May YH’s Will be done, HalleluYH!!!!!

  9. Interesting, commentaries written in music? Here we find musical montages that point to pagan imprints that began a few years after YHshua’s resurrection. These are historical facts that continue today in YHshua’s body…. We must remember, we are what we believe. Is there any wonder why YHshua himself warned us to seek that we may find truth? Paraphrasing YHshua, “May Your (YHWH Elohim’s) Will (Word and Works) be done on earth (in us) as it is in heaven.” Amein, Amein.

  10. Agreed, religion is not what YHWH taught !!!!! …..

    Which brings us to the question, “who then decided to teach that YH’shua (YHWH’s son or YH’s salvation) disagrees with his Father? If anti-messiah comes to mind then you are on the right track!!!!!

  11. An escape back to the present, Jerusalem proving a city of vast history – even ongoing revelation: May YHWH’s Will be done in and by us all!

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