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  1. An archaeological perspective of evidence of Israel’s Exodus

    A Bible contrast
    (With set-apart name and title corrections to Hebrew/Aramaic)


    Segmented into readable parts (take your time).

    A view at what the ark of the covenant is described, in the Bible, to have looked like:

    A follow-up to Exodus Prophecies, Moses and the Prophets: A message from scholarly commentary /documentary

  2. A follow-up to the above documentary 🙂

    I caution, writers here use modern Hebrew names, the oldest known name of the Israelite ‘Elohiym is YHWH (YOD HEH WAW HEH): Names like Yahweh, Yahuah, etc.. adopt vowels that are not found in the original name. YHWH (I am that which I will do, or I am that which I am, or I am that which I will be, etc..); Ayer Asher Ayer (YHWH).

    Please don’t hesitate to send e your comments to thehebrewmessiah@outlook.com. Thank you and shalom, in YH, friends.

  3. In this video scholarly detractors go head to head on the origins of Christianity.

    Here we begin with Eisenmen, who argues that a Jewish breakaway sect called the Essenes – whom he believes translated Bible scrolls found at Qumran, adding, they are the progenitors of Christianity. In response, with a similar argument, Wise agrees that the Essenes, around 200 BC, spoke of a Messiah who would be put to death, both he and Wise claiming that many of their customs, such as water purification rituals and end of day prophecy had a Christian undertone, an image of things to come. Wise, however, doesn’t seem to commit completely to the idea that his protoge’s views are fully correct, breaking ranks with Eisenmen’s view that the Essenes where the writers of the Dead Sea scrolls; where in Wise’s estimation they were the keepers of same, a disagreement that seems to have been solved from recent forensic investigation. Though it is also thought that the Essene’s might have copied some of the scrolls found, they are now believed to not have been the exclusive writers of same. Regardless, here we learn that the Jewish Orthodoxy (Pharisees) seem to have omitted scriptural matter that pertains to a Messiah that would be killed; a rift between the koine Greek Septuagint produced by Sanhedrin (Pharisaical) scribes and the dead Sea Scrolls protected by the Essene’s, once believed to be a part of the Sanhedrin: That one can begin to understand why the Jewish Elite (Orthodox – Pharisee) is up at arms with both these researchers. Is it possible that the Pharisee is responsible for omitting important messianic scripture to satisfy their own doctrine? The evidence that is being uncovered points to that.

    What we know for sure is that the Pharisees (Jewish Orthdoxy) believe they have the right and obligation of both interpreting and changing YHWH’s Word (as seen in the Talmud). We also know that by ~400 BC they where the stronger of the ruling faction of Sanhedrin, the keepers of oral law, and self-appointed interpreters of YHWH’s message to man.

    Once again we see how science can help to dispel man-made opinion (doctrine even) and what’s more, how this ends one argument and opens another. Regardless that the Essene’s are now generally accepted to not have written the Dead Sea scrolls, is it possible that John the Baptist (a Jew) could have been influenced by their (still existing in his day) interpretation of the set-apart Word? We know this, by the beginning of Messiah YHshua’s ministry, the king of the Jews (Herod) and the Sanhedrin (Pharisees and Sadducees) would come to oppose John (Yoḥanan) and Jesus (YHshua) as so to occurred with the Essenes. We also know that John practiced ritual water cleansings and preached of a coming Messiah.

    The schism between Essenes and Sanhedrin (the Jewish Orthodoxy) is believed to have occurred between ~300 to 90 BC., the Essenes forming their own communities (“in the wilderness” by the Dead Sea); and as John, a voice in the wilderness, as echoed in in Matthew 3:3, John’s words, “For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet [IsaiYH], The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord (YHWH – the revealed Word and Works of Elohim)”: that the Essenes and John’s ministry seem as one.

    Here is a thought for us all, in the koine-Greek Septuagint the Pharisee and Sadducee scribes replace most all mention of the Tetragrammaton YHWH with Kyros or adonai (l-rd). Around the same time the Essenes are believed to have split from them, they called them, “the breakers of the covenant”; and no different to how John and YHshua saw many of them, yet we dare not question why?

    Here is a question, have you ever wondered what the word L-rd means? It is a, or several, Semitic deity that YHWH warned to not follow, masters (Baal, Kyros, l-rd or Adonai). Can it be that a more modern Israel began to replace the name of Elohim YHWH with the more general title of Baal (also meaning master, etc..). This we know for sure, the Essenes would say, taking the name in vain (worthless, etc.), breaking the 3rd commandment, “thought shalt not take my name in vain”? Could it be that Israel decided to replace (render worthless) the Name (YHWH) that declares the Word and Works of their ‘Elohiym?.

    What we know for sure is that Israel’s truth is one of stubbornness, one of constantly turning from YHWH to the nations of their day, Hellenized cultures heavy with pagan deities; the Baals: a repetitive story, and so the prophet’s say.

    The narrative? The Sanhedrin did not see eye to eye with the Essenes, with John, Messiah and yes, his followers too! Coincidence?

    Here is another fact, in most Bibles today, YHWH has been replaced more than 6700 times with the title l-rd (Baal). Remember the Essenes called the Sanhedrin the “commandment breakers”. Interesting how these very same Jews safeguarded original scrolls that unlike the Sanhedrin, did not replace the set-apart name of Elohim with L-rd (as found in the Dead Sea Scrolls today); in addition, with scrolls that also speak to a Messiah that would be put to death.

    So then, isn’t it important to learn about an author’s mindset (inspiration) in order to identify possible biases leading to biased Bible translations? I say yes, and the reason the Hebrew Messiah warned that we “seek that we may find” (paraphrasing YHshua) – YHWH’s truth and not man’s.

    May YHWH’s Will (Word) be done on earth (in us) as it is in Heaven, Amein. 🙂

  4. Archeological discovery (see Jeremiah 38:1-4): Gedaliah the son of Pashhur’s, of the court of King Zedekiah, seals found buried under soot from fires point to Jeremiah. More proof for those that discard Bible accounts as fictional works and not fact. HalleluYH!!!!

    For a Biblical account of Jeremiah please click on the below link:

    https://thehebrewmessiah.com/2013/09/15/bible-contrast-to-jeremiah-the-movie/ (With set-apart name and title corrections to Hebrew/Aramaic)
    May YHWH’s Will (Word) be done on earth (in us) as it is in heaven.

  5. Mythras (the SUN deity), born on December 25th, was worshipped before, during and after the coming of YHshua; also revered by Roman soldiers. Question, Emperor Constantine (318 AD) was the supreme military officer of Roman troops, is it possible that he too was a Mythras worshipper? This we know for sure, Constantine lead an army that worshipped Mythras (the SUN G-d), switched the Sabbath day (a Hebrew constant from Adam forward) to SUN-day (day of Mythras); and in time, opened the door to what we today call Christmas, all pagan concepts: Emperor Constantine is credited with uniting us under Catholicism, and later a protestant movement that today equals more than 38 thousand denominations, of which, nearly all celebrate Christmas and SUN-day as holy (set-apart): A definitive body of historical evidence that identifies man’s hand in redefining the Hebrew Messiah’s faith and ministry: Paraphrasing the Hebrew Messiah? “Seek that you may find”, !!!!!

  6. Mankind to soon peer deeper into space than ever before!!!! Welcome to the porthole to the fullest view yet of YHWH’s great creation!!!! We love you YH!!!!!

  7. Here a Jewish scholar explains how Greek translation has confused the concept of creator-work-days vs man-work-days. Another mistranslation courtesy of the koine-Greek Septuagint, an ancient Hebrew mindset translated through Greek culture: Here we learn how 14.75 Billion years can transpire in 6 creator work-days; please note how I didn’t say, ‘six man-work-days’. Enjoy friends.

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