22 thoughts on “YHWH & SCIENCE

  1. Archeological discovery (see Jeremiah 38:1-4): Gedaliah, son of Pashhur, of the court of King Zedekiah – and a seal that is found buried under soot from fires? Occasional archaeological finds that point to the legitimacy of Biblical stories: More proof for those that discard Biblical accounts.

    For a Biblical account of Jeremiah please click on the below link:

    https://thehebrewmessiah.com/2013/09/15/bible-contrast-to-jeremiah-the-movie/ (With set-apart name and title corrections to Hebrew/Aramaic)
    May YHWH’s Will (Word) be done on earth (in us) as it is in heaven.

  2. Another mistranslation courtesy of Greek writers: Here we learn how 14.8 Billion years can transpire in 6 creator-centered work-days; please note how I didn’t say, ‘six man-work-days’. Looking to the ancient Hebrew mindset for answers.

  3. Are we, earthling humans, made with capacities for eternal life, in the image of a heavenly Creator?
    Will all disease be gone one day – no more death or tears – as prophesied? We know this, it was once so and will be again, according to YHWH ‘Elohiym.

    But first a worldwide change, and it nears, be ready to be a part of the promise, the writing is on the wall – the time is near! Technologies that say Biblical prophecy is closer than we think!

  4. One of many irrefutable scientific evidence of a time that predates what religion says is creation’s timeline. Paraphrasing the Bible, “1 day IS AS a 1000 years”, clearly proving a metaphor which expresses that of a very long period of time. Be truthful to the children, or risk rebellion in the face of facts. Turn from religious doctrine to the prophets of old – come seek that of YHWH ‘Elohiym, and find a clearer more applicable message.

    An example of ancient civilizations that prove man-made doctrine has it wrong! A Creator’s timeline does not disagree with science! And again, ‘1000 years to man ‘IS AS’ 1 day to YHWH (the Word and Works of Israel’s ‘Elohim) proving a metaphor, let’s speak truth to facts, stop choosing the comfortable and look to the facts, the Bible does not lie – but man does. Teach them right!


    Mentioned once in scripture, the book of 2 Peter implies 1 day to YHWH “IS AS” 1000 years, each a Creator’s work day.
    Science now facing the inevitable conclusion that 1 day can mean 1 billion years, or more, to a universal designer.

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