18 thoughts on “YHWH & SCIENCE

  1. An archaeological perspective of evidence of Israel’s Exodus

    A Bible contrast
    (With set-apart name and title corrections to Hebrew/Aramaic)


    Segmented into readable parts (take your time).

    A view at what the ark of the covenant is described, in the Bible, to have looked like:

    A follow-up to Exodus Prophecies, Moses and the Prophets: A message from scholarly commentary /documentary

  2. A follow-up to the above documentary 🙂

    I caution, writers here use modern Hebrew names, the oldest known name of the Israelite ‘Elohiym is YHWH (YOD HEH WAW HEH): Names like Yahweh, Yahuah, etc.. adopt vowels that are not found in the original name. YHWH (I am that which I will do, or I am that which I am, or I am that which I will be, etc..); Ayer Asher Ayer (YHWH).

    Please don’t hesitate to send e your comments to thehebrewmessiah@outlook.com. Thank you and shalom, in YH, friends.

  3. In this video scholarly detractors go head to head on the potential origins of a later Christianity.

    The narrative? A rift between a BCE Sanhedrin and a breakaway group called the Essenes. The Essenes a Jewish breakaway group, thought to have been a part of the ruling class up to around the 3rd century BCE. Yet there is more, a rebel group with similar religious customs to that of an earlier century John – called the baptist, Messiah and their followers; all of which called that Sanhedrin, ‘the Commandment Breakers’. Could this be yet another non Biblical confirmation of a Biblical people who were continuously warned to not mix with the nations – yet didn’t listen? Yet another Biblical narrative confirmed in history? Yet another move away from an original Hebrew ‘Elohiym (Magistrates, Angels, etc.) to the cultural Baals (L-rs or Master deities) – the man G-d. All valid questions to ask.

    With a sub-note from that Hebrew Messiah, “seek that we may find” (paraphrasing YH’shua) – YHWH’s truth and not man’s.

    May YHWH’s Will (Word and Works) be done on earth (in us) as it is in Heaven, Amein. 🙂

  4. Archeological discovery (see Jeremiah 38:1-4): Gedaliah the son of Pashhur’s, of the court of King Zedekiah, seals found buried under soot from fires point to Jeremiah. More proof for those that discard Bible accounts as fictional works and not fact. HalleluYH!!!!

    For a Biblical account of Jeremiah please click on the below link:

    https://thehebrewmessiah.com/2013/09/15/bible-contrast-to-jeremiah-the-movie/ (With set-apart name and title corrections to Hebrew/Aramaic)
    May YHWH’s Will (Word) be done on earth (in us) as it is in heaven.

  5. Anyone for worshiping on SUN-day? How about the birth-date of a Messiah? “Non Biblical”, you say? A shift to the pagan? Lets show some fact finding on the topic. Paraphrasing the Hebrew Messiah? “Seek that you may find” !!!!!

  6. Here a Jewish scholar explains how Greek translation has confused the concept of creator-work-days vs man-work-days. Another mistranslation courtesy of the koine-Greek Septuagint, an ancient Hebrew mindset translated through Greek culture: Here we learn how 14.75 Billion years can transpire in 6 creator work-days; please note how I didn’t say, ‘six man-work-days’. Enjoy friends.

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