22 thoughts on “YHWH & SCIENCE

  1. Bible revelations in archaeology 🙂

    Caution, the names Yahweh, Yahuah, etc.. adopt vowel sounds that are not present in ancient Semitic script: YHWH (I am that which I will do, or I am that which I am, or I am that which I will be, etc..)…. Ayer Asher Ayer, is a good example of this.

    Comments or Questions? thehebrewmessiah@outlook.com. Always in YH.

  2. In this video scholarly detractors go head to head on the potential origins of a later Christianity.

    The narrative? A rift between a BCE Sanhedrin and a breakaway group called the Essenes: The Bible in Archaeology?

  3. Archeological discovery (see Jeremiah 38:1-4): Gedaliah the son of Pashhur’s, of the court of King Zedekiah, seals found buried under soot from fires point to Jeremiah. More proof for those that discard Bible accounts as fictional works and not fact. HalleluYH!!!!

    For a Biblical account of Jeremiah please click on the below link:

    https://thehebrewmessiah.com/2013/09/15/bible-contrast-to-jeremiah-the-movie/ (With set-apart name and title corrections to Hebrew/Aramaic)
    May YHWH’s Will (Word) be done on earth (in us) as it is in heaven.

  4. Here a Jewish scholar explains how Greek translation has confused the concept of creator-work-days vs man-work-days. Another mistranslation courtesy of the koine-Greek Septuagint, an ancient Hebrew mindset translated through Greek culture: Here we learn how 14.75 Billion years can transpire in 6 creator work-days; please note how I didn’t say, ‘six man-work-days’. Enjoy friends.

  5. Are we, earthling humans, made in the image and likeness of a heavenly Creator?
    Will we, one day, cure all diseases – no more death or tears, live a prophesied future?

    As Messiah nears so too is science discovering Genesis-derived evidence. Be ready, the time is near!

  6. One of many irrefutable scientific evidence of a time that predates what religion says is creation’s timeline, 1 day equals 1000 years, and what we have been taught the Bible says. The truth? the Almighty’s timeline is not ours. Biblically depicted as a very long period of time proves to never be given as a specific period of time, paraphrasing the Bible, “1 day IS AS a 1000 years”, an example of a very long time for man – but again, unlike what we have been taught, not a specific period of time. Be truthful to the children, or risk rebellion in the face of facts. Turn from religious doctrine to the word of the prophets of old – come seek that of YHWH ‘Elohiym, and find a clearer more applicable message.

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